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Hagaton Ziua 2 128
1st place


The winning team focused on the social aspect of Artificial Intelligence, showcasing a solution for children with special needs suffering from autism or Down syndrome.
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by Mind Your Code

Mind Install (2) - Copy
2nd place


The runner-up team designed another social solution, presenting a mobile application that can identify a baby’s needs when crying and alert parents.
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by Mind Install

Brainard (8) - Copy
3rd place

Speech 2 Task

The third place winner team developed an integrated speech-to-text and translation prototype that can summarize conversations from meetings or audio recordings
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by br.A.I.nard

Honorable mentions go to:

Hagaton Ziua 2 746


A solution that integrates GDPR, road rules, human rights, construction rules, and other citizen rights into one single mobile app.
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by br.A.I.niacs

Bitobrain (2)

The Sortifier

A shopping list management solution with a rather catchy and suggestive name, The Sortifier mobile app helps users manage all their expenses in one place by scanning (taking a photo) of their receipts.
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by Bito Brain

Hagaton Ziua 2 373


The retail-centric app is an intelligent Python-developed solution for stock management in a supermarket. The AI agent, called SHAI, ensures a constant flow of products on shelves by analyzing and recognizing products and empty spaces.
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by Masters of Intelligent Machines

Hagaton Ziua 2 779

Senses CX

Marketing and sales automation as a SaaS solution is no longer something new under the Cloud! New solutions targeting this field must be niche-oriented to bring added value to corporations.
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by The Drunken Hackers

Ai luminati

The A.I. in the sky

Leveraging Google Vision API and image content analysis, the app detects incidents (fires, floods, traffic jams, car accidents) within a matter of seconds and is intended for the city hall, police officers, as well as small businesses.
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by AI-Luminati

Piece of your mind (2)


For the gourmands out there with a passion for cooking up recipe ideas out of forgotten food in the fridge, leCHEF is the perfect mobile app solution.
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by Piece of Your Mind

UMA (1)

My Travel Buddy

The travel industry is currently a tough market to capitalize on, given the multitude of options and apps.
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by UMA

Hagaton Ziua 2 772


When Tinder meets activity planning, you get InterActive, a user-friendly mobile app that lets you swipe right for your activities of interest and over time learns all about your preferences.
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by Pinky and the AI

Autonoma (2)


The employee retention AI solution aims to anticipate satisfaction at workplace and assist HR specialists in developing intelligent solutions to reduce turnover
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by Autonoma