For the second year in a row, over 70 experts from Orange and Tremend gathered for a 24-hour AI hackathon br.A.I.n Hack 2018. During the competition, the participants prototyped and presented revolutionary solutions that have the potential to positively change the business and social ecosystem. This year’s hackathon was truly challenging given the difficulty of AI-based solutions that have only recently started to mature.

The winning team focused on the social aspect of Artificial Intelligence, showcasing a solution for children with special needs suffering from autism or Down syndrome.

It was a good weekend for technology. For a closer look, check our projects or read more from our press release.

Lessons Learned

Here are some valuable tips and tricks straight from the source, aka the participants… since they know best!

  • Prepare and visualize your end goal! Try to shorten each step to build your project with least resistance. Less is more — do one job but make sure you do it well. Tudor Crîngu, UX Designer at Orange, hackathon team — Masters of Intelligent Machines (M.I.M. Shelf Management)
  • Think big but start small! Instead of building a feature-packed application in a very limited amount of time with the risk of not finishing it, start by developing smaller features that will work in the end. Stefania Budulan, Software Engineer – Artificial Intelligence at Tremend, hackathon team — Bito’BrAIn (The Sortifier)