Project Description

For the gourmands out there with a passion for cooking up recipe ideas out of forgotten food in the fridge, leCHEF is the perfect mobile app solution. The Python-developed app, which offers Facebook and Instagram integration, uses image recognition (via smartphone pictures) for food products while a bubbly AI bot assistant takes care of the communication part (text to speech, speech to text).

Great way to stop food waste, try out new unique recipes and have fun all along!

Technical Description

  • Mobile app for front-end side that also integrates IBM Watson bot.
  • Python application that receives data from users and computes personalized suggestions (using a machine learning algorithm).
  • NodeJS implementation that structures a dialogue tree for IBM Watson Assistant.
  • Java back-end application that manages the communication between mobile app, receipe API(Spoonacular) and Python app.

Project beneficiaries

  • Everyone who has a smart device and desires to not waste so much food.

Future Developments

  • Integration with health apps, fit bracelets for even more personalized menu’s suggestions and other sorts of data tracking (number of calories, nutrients values).
  • Collaboration with food suppliers like Carrefour: automated created shopping lists and automated generated orders from the online platform.