Project Description

Marketing and sales automation as a SaaS solution is no longer something new under the Cloud! New solutions targeting this field must be niche-oriented to bring added value to corporations.

And that’s exactly what Senses CX does — using AI Sentiment Analysis technology, the app provides valuable insights into a brand’s status and products as perceived by consumers. Another Python-based solution that can take the pulse of a company’s digital popularity!

Technical Description

  • On-demand search service for keyword and topic-based searches across aggregated content
  • Crawling services scrape all major social media channels and most visited websites
  • Backend service performs sentiment analysis over content, extracts top descriptive keywords, and discovers most impactful posts/comments/articles
  • The single pagefront-end application displays an interactive dashboard
  • Action automation via integration with external apis (i.e. open tickets in jira or post automatic replies on twitter)
    Tuino module with GPS, accelerometer, dynamo, buzzer, connecting bike to LoRa gateway, which in turns transmits data over the internet
  • Backend server and MongoDB database
  • Mobile app with bike location and buzzer activation features

Project beneficiaries

  • Product owners interested in improving customer experiences

Future Developments

  • Support multiple languages