Project Description

The winning team focused on the social aspect of Artificial Intelligence, showcasing a solution for children with special needs suffering from autism or Down syndrome. The interactive application, which can be used in multiple languages to develop cognitive and people skills, analyzes a child’s drawing, figures out the drawn object and associates it with a real-life object.

Leveraging technologies such as neural networks, Python, Django, TensorFlow and Keras, NumPy and Swift, the application has a high degree of feasibility and a solid business model that can soon make this solution a reality for many families and children around the world.tion.

Technical Description

  • Model trained in Keras with millions of drawings using a virtual machine with 64GB RAM and 8 cores
  • iOS app allowing to draw the answer to a riddle from different categories after selecting the difficulty level
  • API backend that validates a drawing
  • Admin interface for managing the drawings and their riddles

Project beneficiaries

  • Young children with special needs
  • Parents, schools, specialised hospitals
  • Psychologists

Future Developments

  • In order to finance the application, the team will apply for programmes under the EEA and Norway Grants. The added value of this priority sector is its contribution to breaking the cycle of disadvantages by supporting early interventions.