Project Description

A solution that integrates GDPR, road rules, human rights, construction rules, and other citizen rights into one single mobile app!

With many tech combos, from UiPath community edition (for extracting law references) to Google API Translate API and Neo4J graph database (for AI-generated tags) to Google Natural Language, the app is intended for both corporate and personal use. An interactive and dynamic law-related solution with real-time updates and recommendations!

Technical Description

  • A parser written in python that reads the laws and builds a graph of connections between laws, articles, paragraphs and stores it in a graph database (neo4j)
  • A mobile app that captures the user input, sends it to the backend and displays the result
  • A backend application written in Java that connects all components: receives user input as free text, calls the translate and natural language processing API from Google to determine main important words used in the user input and based on those reads data from the graph (neo4j) and updates it with new nodes for this words and the relations between them and the parsed laws in order to be able to show relevant data to the user
  • The backend will learn from user input (whether he marks a response as useful or not) and will update the graph accordingly

Project beneficiaries

  • Companies interested in reducing the search time of legal related information and improve the quality of their legal departments work
  • Citizens interested in their rights and issues related to the legislation in force


Future Developments

  • Launch the product in the Romanian market
  • Add new features to the mobile app and improve the A.I. attorney