Project Description

With an audacious name and a pitch presented as a stand-up comedy moment, the solution was by the far the most laugh-grabbing project of the hackathon! However, beyond the entertaining presentation, the infrastructure security app is extraordinary in its intended use.

Leveraging Google Vision API and image content analysis, the app detects incidents (fires, floods, traffic jams, car accidents) within a matter of seconds and is intended for the city hall, police officers, as well as small businesses.

A true AI in the sky!

Technical Description

  • Video streams from cameras around the city and from mobile devices are sent to the backend server
  • The backend analyzes the images using Google Vision API and detects incidents (fires, floods, traffic jams, car accidents)
  • The frontend displays all the live streams (cameras and mobile devices) and alerts the user when an incident is detected on a specific

Project beneficiaries

  • Local authorities
  • Local government