Project Description

A shopping list management solution with a rather catchy and suggestive name, The Sortifier mobile app helps users manage all their expenses in one place by scanning (taking a photo) of their receipts.

Employing Python for the backend side, neural networks (Random Forest) and a word-embedding linguistic model from Facebook (FastText), the app stands out through its ability of learning new words, data and product classification methods.

Technical Description

  • Trainable OCR, language and classification ML models for extracting and processing text from images
  • React Native mobile application for image capturing and visualizing results
  • Backend software for the user, machine learning and data management (PostgreSQL)
  • AWS cloud storage for real-time data retrieval and update

Project beneficiaries

  • End-user customer, interested in learning insight of their expenses
  • Banks, for software integration with their mobile banking apps
  • Product providers, for sharing their offers as trusted partners

Future Developments

  • Continuous learning model improvements through data corrections from users
  • Exploring other expense segmentation possibilities
  • Integrate users’ feedback regarding their necessities
  • Create a B2B-only version for payments-invoice correlation